What is Load Testing? Definition, Types, and Examples

As soon as a prototype or first draft of the application has been built, testing should be performed to detect limitations in the system as early as possible. Testing should continue with each system change, ensuring there is no system degradation. Often times, a QA team, DevOps, or sometimes even marketing is responsible for load testing their websites or web apps. QA typically handles the majority of testing for software and web apps in a testing environment, while DevOps ensures the software runs properly on production hardware. Marketing is in charge of driving high numbers of website visitors, and therefore concerned with whether the website infrastructure can handle high visitor traffic from events like product launches or sales promotions.

load tester definition

Sometimes, load testing can also be performed by the developers or development team, making sure the app will scale up under heavy demand. However, it is possible the development team simply does not have access, or the resources, for spinning up enough machines for proper testing. Today’s applications are built with multiple technologies, relying on vast networks of third-party providers and CDNs.

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Your website and applications are critical for the success of your business. It is typically the first thing customers will see, and if it is sluggish or crashes, they will quickly find an alternative. The faster your pages load, the more likely customers will stay – and return in the future. Load testing your websites and applications ensures they will function under an anticipated level of users and gives insight into any errors that may be affecting processes. We will discuss five of the best practices you can implement to maintain a great experience for users.

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When to load test

This is where you will see common bottlenecks, like CPU, RAM, disk I/O, or bandwidth. Large increases or spikes in the response times may be a good indicator something was running at less than optimal in the system. You can often use these indications for drilling down and finding the exact cause of the slowdown.

load tester definition

Each of these components could theoretically become a bottleneck for the throughput of data from the client to the server and vice versa. Monitoring the throughput of these various bottlenecks as the load increases can help identify causes of system speed degradation. By simulating production (pressure), load testing shows the behavior under normal and expected peak conditions. The goal is to ensure a given function, system, or program can handle what it’s designed for. This is important because when you’re building your product, you’re only accounting for a few individual users.

Performance testing best practices

Automated tests can be repeatedly run after every code change with minimal user interaction. Automated testing can often catch issues before end users experience a problem, because automated tests are running consistently. If you have a rough idea of the size and volume of traffic your website should handle, you can set up tests that slowly increase load until you reach that limit.

load tester definition

Load testing can be performed by using automation tools or done manually. Load testing software is used to create and manage the traffic load on a target. Most such tools perform at the protocol level allowing to simulate load by making HTTP requests. Also, they provide the ability to parse the response from a target application. Both load testing and stress testing, if executed well, can provide helpful information about the performance of the application before the production stage.

What is Load Testing? How It Works, Tools, Tutorials, and More

As we add hits to the software, the system should be able to withstand traffic until we reach our expected weight limit. Seeing a drop in the yellow line on the graph would indicate that there is a problem and that the weight limit is a lot lower than desired. If it can’t perform well with the expected load, there may be some serious problems in the design.

With Retrace, find issues and resolve them within your system before you introduce it to the market. For example, In the LoadRunner testing tool, the scenarios are created with the LoadRunner controller’s help. It’s always a good idea to measure the performance of an application. Delivering an application that hasn’t been performance tested is the same as delivering a bike with brakes that haven’t been tested.

How do you load test?

Load testing is one of the most effective software testing types as it helps to verify that the software meets the expected performance criteria and end-user expectations. Likewise different testing types, you must consider load testing in your testing strategy. If you’re in need of a load testing tool that easily integrates into your performance testing strategy, LoadRunner solutions from OpenText are here to help. If you’re unfamiliar with load testing or getting ready to perform your first one, this guide is here to help. Below, we will break down just how load testing works, as well as how you can successfully perform a load test and different load testing tools to consider.

  • Exploring the outer limits of a system is the best way to do this.
  • Choose Oxylabs‘ advanced web intelligence collection solutions to gather real-time public data hassle-free.
  • This means the software creates a large number of virtual users to simulate the actual users accessing the application simultaneously.
  • Load testing your websites and applications ensures they will function under an anticipated level of users and gives insight into any errors that may be affecting processes.
  • It is a type of performance testing that one must not disregard before releasing the software product into the market.

If you consider specific industries that depend on high-volume transactions, like financial services or large online retailers, the impact could likely be more significant. Also indicated in their survey were the effects on customers and visitors, such as a decline in customer confidence, tarnished load tester definition brand integrity, drop in stock price. So, as you can see, the importance of ensuring your applications is tested to meet performance demands cannot be overstated. Poor performing sites and applications can have a negative impact on conversions, transactions, and most importantly, revenue.

What is Load Testing? How Does It Work?

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