Despite this, however, she is implied is jealous from Honoka for her large possessions

Despite this, however, she is implied is jealous from Honoka for her large possessions

Marie Rose possesses the tiniest use of all the females characters throughout the show, an immediate contrast so you’re able to the woman pal and you will competitor Honoka whom and has now the largest tits, that has been possibly the topic out-of an effective pun within their Japanese level party introduction. Within the Deceased or Real time sitios de citas bautistas gratis six, if you find yourself she keeps most her signature gowns plus brand new recolors, she likewise has new ones that include a cute sweater skirt from inside the red, light, and you may black colored, and you can she even offers a great lolita style outfit who has good frilled clothing and you can shorts with heeled lolita sneakers and you will a matching tiny Lolita hat which have a little ascot tie. She together with receives significantly more hair styles such as this lady ponytail from the Venus Vacation video game, and also double buns regarding the Lover Build outfit event which have red-colored directed hair ties the same as the woman regular of them.

Character [ ]

Using Lifeless or Live 6’s story, Marie Rose is been shown to be each other devoted and you can devoted, seen in just how she behaves with the Helena who she is good slave to help you, and Honoka exactly who she befriends during their time together. She’s and caring and you may defensive due to the fact she tried to stop Hayate out of watching Helena despite him being questioned from the Helena themselves, and she was also quick to try and strive Bayman whenever she try split up of Honoka throughout the M.I.S.T. Laboratories, showing you to she isn’t really frightened to look at chance of any size in the event it means protecting those people she actually is attached or devoted in order to.

In addition, Marie Flower is also operate most childish and cannot seem to take dropping softly; she appears to be crying on to the floor eg a little woman whenever she loses a complement, but if noticed for a lengthy period, she lifts this lady deal with off the woman hands before resuming this lady visible phony whining. Ironically, despite the girl often acting childish, Xtreme Venus Vacation implies that she dislikes being compared to the a great child otherwise managed for example you to. She has nothing trouble with wear some discussing dresses, whether or not she does have their limits, because the through the a wages Girl images op, actually she was embarrassed in the needing to let you know a great amount away from by herself to Helena whenever she near to Kasumi was required to would a highly suggestive „prayer perspective“ close to the jesus sculpture, and you will she also objected so you’re able to their Davi outfit’s more sharing alternative setting. She together with at times tends to rating sidetracked from the other activities more loans, as the confirmed by the exactly how she had herself and you may Kasumi later for an interviewing the master of the choosing to get a bronze.

Except that which, Marie Flower plus sometimes chat really authoritative manner, by way of the lady records as one of Helena’s servants, regardless if it’s meant she’s got difficulties to stop pretending formally so you’re able to other people within the situations not demanding it, like whenever on holiday.

Marie Rose purports to not care way too much on the her lack regarding actual growth in evaluation to another female in the series. She together with admits you to definitely she every so often wishes she had a elderly body, no matter if simply in the sense that she never be mistaken for children of the individuals. As well, from the Japanese sizes out-of Xtreme 3, Xtreme Venus Trips and you can Deceased otherwise Real time 5 Past Round, she has a tendency to relate to herself regarding 3rd people, which is notably downplayed in the English models.

Etymology and Design [ ]

Marie try French for the provider, in fact it is brand new french kind of „Mary“, whose meaning and you can origin was uncertain. Rose ’s the term off a rose which comes into the an excellent style of tone, for each colour which have a new meaning.

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