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The Originals Season 2: Music Index

Season 2: Music Index














▼The Originals Songlist | 2×01 – Rebirth



  • “Requiem In D Minor: K 626-3. Sequentia: Dies Irae” – Mozart 

Scene: Klaus listen to a record while he tries to paint; talks to Elijah about his lack of action


  • “This Place Is A Shelter” – Olafur Arnalds

Scene: Hayley finds a half-burned doll by the werewolf cabin; Camille and Marcel have sex


  • “Occupy Your Mind” – Villagers

Scene: Davina buys a vinyl record and talks to Oliver; protects the record store owner against an attack by Oliver


  • “Noir State Beach” – Xu Xu Fang

Scene: Marcel, Hayley and Elijah attack the werewolves


  • “Easy Living” – Clifford Brown

Scene: Marcel listens to a jazz record when Josh informs him that the werewolves killed his friend Joe


  • “Sleeping Alone” – Lykke Li

Scene: Camille breaks things off with Marcel; Klaus and Hayley talk




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