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This podcast is hosted by the founder of Sober Black Girls Club (SBGC), Khadi Olagoke, alongside SBGC Sunday meditation leader Taquiyyah. SGBC is a recovery community full of resources and inspiration for Black women navigating recovery, sobriety, or just looking to live a happier, healthier life. Sisters Who Followed The Yam is a podcast about healing, joy, and community, from the perspective of two women in self-recovery. You can find discussions related to personal development, racism, fear, self-esteem, and much more. Podcast popularity remains high, and nearly 50 million episodes from over 2 million active podcasts are waiting out there.

  • There are plenty of recovery resources and communities to choose from, and finding what works best for you is an act of self-care.
  • You can find discussions related to personal development, racism, fear, self-esteem, and much more.
  • The Breaking Free podcast discusses everything it means to be in addiction recovery and thrive independently.

In her experience esteemable acts helped her become trustworthy to others and to herself. And Spencer P. share some of the quirky and funny things they’ve heard or seen at AA meetings. If you or a loved one require help on your recovery journey, please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful team at Ethos Recovery. Since 2014 Shane has curated nearly 400 episodes of open conversation that removes the stigma from addiction and helps people get better. Duane became addicted as a teenager but worked hard to find a purpose that helped him overcome his addiction. From psychologists, authors, and recovering addicts, Duane’s hosts give fresh perspective and insight, helping you to discover and laser-focus your own purpose.

Alcoholic Ominous Podcast

Discusses his 45 years of sobriety with Don and Sam and answers an „Ask the Old-Timer“ question from a listener. In a „Blast from the Past“ Father Martin talks amusingly about how you might know if you’re an alcoholic. From Toronto shares with Don and Sam about the early days of getting sober and the rewards of sobriety.

What disorder do most alcoholics have?

A wide range of psychiatric conditions—including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—are comorbid with AUD and are associated with an increased risk of AUD. People with a history of childhood trauma are also vulnerable to AUD.

These two ex-binge drinking, party girls, tell it like it is. Vomit, one night stands and life on the other side of their destructive drunken behaviours. So, if you’ve hit a wall, you’re in need of giggle and some sober inspiration, then this is the podcast for you. The ODAAT Chat Podcast is about recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety and the journey of recovery, community and healing. Guests tell their stories of what it was like, what happened and where they are now. The recovery stories they share are inspiring, funny and touching, providing hope to help others feel like they are not alone.

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With over 2,400 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, this podcast is sure to be a great listen for anyone in recovery. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. There’s so much in each of these shows, and every one is fantastic for its own unique reason.

What happens after 1 year of no alcohol?

After one year sober, it typically becomes easier to maintain long-term sobriety. That said, it's still common to experience challenges and setbacks over time. It's important to remember that a setback doesn't erase your progress. You can still achieve long-term sobriety without a 100% success rate.

There’s a bonus segment at the end of this podcast where problems other than alcohol are discussed — for those who may identify. Tana describes how AA gave her life back—she finished her education and now works in a helping profession. She also talks to Don and Sam about stopping the cycle of generational trauma. There’s an Ask it Basket question from J.K., and listener feedback from Paula and Nathan.

Ep195 – Back Home Again in Alcohol(ism?)

In this podcast I will be talking with ex-binge drinkers, alcoholics in recovery, drug and and alcohol counsellors and people that have good stuff to say about quitting the drink. The Breaking Free podcast discusses everything it means to be in addiction recovery and thrive independently. Through lively discussions based on lived experiences, research and experts in the field, the hosts unpack the ways recovery has been limited. That could be stigmatizing language, disordered eating, the impact of diet culture, trauma, unhealthy relationships and boundaries. They also host interviews with experts on topics like sex, recovery from trauma, boundaries, Latinx culture, recovery and harm reduction. These podcasts can provide hours of diverse perspectives about sobriety and recovery.

Hosts Kate and Mandy bring you a podcast that is a mix of handy tips, personal experience, and interviews with special guests. Another great buddy podcast on our list is the EDIT podcast hosted by Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park. In this podcast, the two friends aim to talk about why they made an “Early Exit” from the drinking life as well as what it means when you live inside of the gray area of drinking.

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A weekly, one-minute podcast series from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, MMWR. Jean has been sober since 2011 and was awarded the 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House 2017 Hope Award from SheRecovers for her achievements in recovery advocacy. She writes the blog UnPickled from her home in Alberta, Canada.

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